Things have changed!

DJ Osborne - former partner and founder of Tracked Out Adventures & Trails has set out on a new adventure.

Some things have changed with business. One of those is that I am now on my own. What does this mean? I get to focus on the things I really wanted to build. My vision can now become a reality. It's a big stepping stone, but I am excited to change up offerings and focus on what I've really wanted to do.

So what is that? For a long time I wanted to dive deeper into the whole package. Most of the clients I have had are only coming to Utah to ride. So I decided it was time to give you guys the whole package. From transportation to lodging and of course the world class riding. I want to simplify the process for my clients. I'm going to get to finally partner with some of the best guides in their respective industries. Together we are going to bring you the most insane and fun trips out there.