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DJ Osborne

Unleash Your Snowmobiling Potential: A Dive into Ride Rasmussen Style Clinic with DJ Osborne of M...

Unleash Your Snowmobiling Potential: A Dive into Ride Rasmussen Style Clinic with DJ Osborne of Mountain Slayerz Snowmobiling isn't just a sport; it's a lifestyle—a thrilling dance on high horsepower snowmobiles designed for mountain riding, a symphony of power and precision across the snow-blanketed landscapes. For those eager to elevate their skills, to ride more gracefully with their machines, to conquer the mountains with finesse and confidence, the Ride Rasmussen Style snowmobile riding clinic offers an unparalleled opportunity. Led by none other than DJ Osborne, the seasoned guide and founder of Mountain Slayerz, these clinics aren't just about riding; they're about...

DJ Osborne

Out on the mountain with Ski-Doo Ambassador Steve Martin

Steve and I set out yesterday to find some snow! We found some good pockets. Check the video out of our adventures. Come ride with Steve and myself here soon. We are putting together some dates on a really awesome guide trip.     

DJ Osborne

The snow is stacking up! Why should you hire a guide?

When the whole internet is crying about low snow. And while it's true, a great deal of the western United States is at low tide right now, it doesn't mean there aren't areas that it's stacked up and ready to be ridden! Our predictions played out correct and we've found the goods! This is just one reason of many to hire a guide. Hiring a snowmobile guide can offer several benefits, particularly if you're planning to venture into unfamiliar or challenging terrain. Here are some reasons why hiring a snowmobile guide might be a good idea: Safety: Guides are trained...

DJ Osborne

Why should you take a snowmobile avalanche class?

We offer a wide variety of avalanche courses. We are an AIARE Provider and offer Motorized Level 1 & Level 2 courses. We also offer AIARE Rescue Courses. Those not looking for a certified course can take our 1 day Motorized Backcountry 101 course. Our snowmobile avalanche classes have a lot to offer. Sitting at the local dealer listening to an avalanche talk is not the way to properly train. Yes it brings awareness, however it doesn't allow you to learn how to properly learn how to use the tools to carry out a rescue or learn more about snow...

DJ Osborne

Womens riding clinic with Uncharted Society announced!

Women's Riding Clinic with Uncharted Society featuring Guides Lisa Granden and Stef Dean - These women shred!

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