PRIVATE GROUP - Backcountry 101

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Backcountry 101

When: January 6th 9am-4pm

What: Backcountry rescue skills paired with avalanche education and terrain management. 

Instructor: DJ Osborne

Course Overview

Snowmobiling is more safe and enjoyable when you understand avalanche hazard and how to move through the mountains safely. If you are tired of following your friends who have more experience than you and want to become a valuable member of the team, this is the class for you. Nobody wants to be that partner that can't make informed decisions or be counted on during a rescue. With mixed learning in the classroom, and on-snow with the pros you will learn how to get out in the backcountry, have fun, and come home ready to do it again.

You will be sent the pre-course learning modules three weeks prior to your course to complete on your own time. This pre-course work will explain avalanche characteristics, snowpack fundamentals, clues to instability, terrain assessment, safe travel protocol, rescue, and decision-making techniques.

On your field day, we will spend the day applying the avalanche forecast, practicing terrain identification and decision-making, and more. 

Who should take this course?

This class is for snowmobilers as an introductory course for those who spend their time traveling off the trail and in the backcountry. We highly recommend that you have some experience riding snowmobiles, turning your transceiver on/off into search mode, as well as assembling your probe, and shovel. You can do this in safe areas away from avalanche terrain.

What is required for this course?

This is an introductory level course and therefore can be your first avalanche education course. However, you are required to provide your own snowmobile or snowbike. You should try to provide your own avalanche rescue equipment (if you need to borrow equipment, we are able to make arrangements). If you need to purchase rescue equipment you can do so on our website. A portion of your sale benefits the Utah Avalanche Center.

Course Goals

  • Describe a basic process to manage risk for winter backcountry travel.
  • Find and interpret local mountain weather forecasts and avalanche advisory information.
  • Describe the equipment necessary for winter backcountry travel.
  • Differentiate avalanche terrain from terrain where avalanches can not occur.
  • Understand the basic functionality of avalanche rescue equipment.

*To maximize the course experience for you and all students, we recommend that you be fit enough to spend the snowmobiling in unpredictable winter conditions.

PRIVATE GROUP - Backcountry 101
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